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Dear Writer,

This is my first time participating in Yuletide, so pardon me if these prompts turn out to be too specific ^_^; On the whole, I'd like more fic for my biases in my requested fandoms and am open to all sorts of fic scenarios as long as said biases are undoubtedly the focus of your fic.
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Though I skipped two weeks and posted two fics late, I'm glad that I managed to finish the series in the same week which KR Ghost has concluded ^^; 

Initially, I managed to write one fic in advance, but my motivation slipped especially close to the Iddy Iddy Bang Bang Deadline. Coming up with ideas to be executed within 400 words turns out to be not that easy, whereas coming up with ideas for drabble sequences are easier. For the last Takeru/Yurusen fic in the series, I consciously copied the original TakeYuru writer's fondness for writing drabbles :P 

Admittedly, the fics for this series aren't that 'shippy' i.e. the romantic subtext wasn't that strong. There any kissing, snuggling and love confessions, and I especially dropped the ball in producing crackship/rarepair smut X_X. 

Between working towards an externally imposed deadline and one imposed by myself, I honestly feel more pressured than motivated by both :/ Maybe same difference? 


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